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Why I Love My School

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Why I love My School Izzy Miller, 5th Grade, Holy Cross Academy, Our Lady of Providence Campus

by Izzy Miller
My favorite teachers are Mrs. Cramer and Mrs. Jung. These teachers make every day fun. Learning is much easier, and I believe I learn even more around these teachers.

Why I love My School Jane Guillot-Beinke, 7th Grade, Truman Middle School

by Jane Guillot-Beinke
There are many great teachers at Truman Middle School, but a few of my favorites are: Ms. (Megan) Vallis, my school librarian. The library would not be the same without her. She is always trying to get kids more involved in reading.

Why I love My School Grace Christina Arthur, 5th Grade, Uthoff Valley Elementary School

by Grace Christina Arthur
I love my school so much especially my so dedicated teachers. I wouldn't be anywhere right now without them. They are the best.

Why I love My School Olivia Evers, 8th Grade, Assumption Parish School

by Olivia Evers
My school is amazing in so many ways, and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to learn with devoted teachers and amazing resources.

Why I love My School Hannah Thomas, 5th Grade, Kennerly Elementary School

by Hannah Thomas
Every day everyone who works at my school tries to make your day as awesome as possible. For example, the cafeteria workers stand outside and greet you and make sure you get across the parking lot safely.

Why I love My School Lauren Sitner, 5th Grade, Holy Cross Academy at St. Dominic Savio

by Lauren Sitner
My name is Lauren Sitner and I am in fifth grade at Holy Cross Academy (HCA) at the St. Dominic Savio campus. One reason I love HCA is because of the nice teachers we have.

Why I love My School Maya Gonzalez, 5th Grade, Long Elementary School

by Maya Gonzalez
I love my school because of all the teachers, my friends and activities. Most of all I think our character pillars and seven habits make us Long leaders and that's why I have great friends and teachers.

Why I love My School Abigail Fischer, 5th Grade, Stanton Elementary School

by Abigail Fischer
I love my school because of how nice everyone is, even though some can be annoying, but there is that type of person in every school!

Why I love My School Mary Romer, 5th Grade, Sappington Elementary School

by Mary Romer
I like my school because all the teachers are very nice, caring and helpful. I also love our school because I get to go to it every day and see my friends.

Why I love My School Ben Stelken, 8th Grade, Sperreng Middle School

by Ben Stelken
I really love my school because of the people, not just my teachers and my friends, but all of the people in the school. I really feel like we're a close-knit community.
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