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St. Louis City Ward Boundary Changes Approved

Joyful Sounds
July 13, 2011
Click on a link below to view the new boundaries.

New Ward 17 || New Ward 28 || All Ward Boundaries

The redistricting of the city's 28 wards is official and new boundary lines are being drawn.

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen approved the redistricting changes last week and the plans must now be signed by the mayor.

The changes were spurred by a population dip when the 2010 Census showed wards north of the 28th Ward lost roughly 19,000 people over the past 10 years.

The wards that lost a lot of people have to get larger geographically to take in more people, according to 28th Ward Alderman Lyda Krewson, who served on the legislative committee that drew the redistricting map.

The city's population is currently about 319,000. Each of the 28 wards must contain about 11,400 people, give or take 5 percent.

In the 28th Ward, most changes will occur along DeBaliviere.

"The area south of Kingsbury between DeBaliviere and Clara will now be in the 26th Ward," Krewson said, noting it was formerly part of the 28th Ward.

The south side of Pershing between DeBaliviere and Belt will now be in the 26th Ward as well, she added.

The 28th Ward will now include the Cheshire Inn and the homes south of there to Highway 40, and the block in Dogtown, south of Oakland from Louisville to Fairview.

Krewson worked with aldermen from adjoining wards, including Joe Roddy of the 17th Ward.

Roddy said two positives from the changes are apparent – Central West End boundaries have been "smoothed out," and three neighborhoods once split are now in the same ward.

Roddy is pleased to be picking up a block that was in the 17th Ward long ago – the one bounded by Euclid, Kingshighway, Laclede and Forest Park.

"That got returned to our ward, which is appropriate," he said. "That came back so it kind of smoothed out the boundaries in the Central West End. The lines are more rational in terms of dividing it."

The 17th Ward also picked up the remaining portion of the Kings Oak neighborhood, so that's no longer split in two wards, Roddy explained. Kings Oak is bounded on the north by Oakland Avenue and its eastern edge is Kingshighway Boulevard. The neighborhood is further bounded by Manchester Avenue on the south and Mackland Avenue on the west.

Roddy's ward lost its portion of the Tiffany neighborhood, but that neighborhood will now be located entirely in the 19th Ward. The Tiffany neighborhood is located on the western side of Grand Avenue along the section containing St. Louis University's medical complex. The neighborhood is defined by Chouteau Avenue on the north, Interstate 44 on the south, Grand Boulevard on the east and 39th Street on the west.

The Shaw neighborhood will now all be located in the 8th Ward. Shaw neighborhood is located on the south side adjacent to the Missouri Botanical Garden and Tower Grove Park, and just north of the South Grand commercial district. The neighborhood is defined by Interstate 44 on the north, Magnolia Avenue on the south, South Grand Boulevard on the east and Tower Grove Avenue on the west.

The fact that most neighborhoods will now be under one alderperson is a good thing, according to Roddy.

"Generally speaking, most neighborhoods would prefer to have their neighborhood entirely in one ward," he said. "It makes things more streamlined for their interaction with the city. So now we've got three neighborhoods entirely in one ward that were split before."

Roddy said the only aspect he's disappointed about is having to split the Botanical Heights neighborhood into two wards, whereas before it was all part of the 17th Ward.

"I regret losing the working relationships of the people that are no longer in the ward," he said. "This is particularly the case in Botanical Heights, where so much change has occurred in the last few years."

Otherwise, Roddy said he feels the board did a good job of redrawing the lines.

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